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Who are we? Two dapper L.A. gals who love to eat cake, among other things. Our names? Mari and Sara'. We met and immediately bonded while in graduate school at U.C.L.A. As we discovered a mutual interest and passion for art, poetry, music, fashion, photography, architecture and design- herstory was made and we collaborated! Our middle names are Sofia and Kali, hence the inspiration for the name of our line of handmade designer jewelry and other various goodies: SoKalDesigns. This blog is a place for us to showcase what we find fascinating in the world of art and design and the random flotsam and jetsam of the aesthetically driven part of our minds, as well as a way to update our fans about our upcoming lines of jewelry. We hope you enjoy sharing the vast space of the world of design/art/media with us...and far beyond :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

A 'Wishful Thinking' List of Fall Fashion

Note the gold sequins smashingly arrayed in a random fashion at the bottom of this Haute Hippie skirt!! (see: above)  Not to mention you can never go wrong with a gold heel, whether your going casual or prowlin' night-owl.

These soft, comfy-sheek corduroy pants by J Brand come in black as well.  Toss on a flowing top from any season and pair with with a structured blazer or jacket such as the A.L.C. number (on the very top of the blog post), and a pointy toed flat, and you've got a no foolin', easy but classic look any day of the week.

Yes indeedy, if I were making mucho bank I would purchase every last one of these little lovelies.  That's why they comprise my 'wishful thinking' list...cuz there sho aint nothing wrong with dreaming :)  I selected a color pallette of browns and blacks because these are colors that can easily be integrated into the brighter palettes that are generally chosen for spring and summer fashion lines (following the theme of previous 'spring into winter' fashion transitions.  So what I'm saying is, don't hide your florals, neons and jewel tones away where they won't get attention until March rolls around again...instead, purchase a couple of key neutral pieces that will tie together what you already own that put a new twist onto your wardrobe so you feel fabulous and new every time you step out the door!
In order from top to bottom- A.L.C. leather jacket; Alice and Olivia pleated leather mini; Haute Hippie embellished mini; J Brand courduroys; Noir jewelry pave bracelet; Rachel Zoe panther print silk maxi dress; Raoul pleated trousers; En Shallah fringe bag in brown suede.  All of the above including the photo credits can be found on one of my all time favorite shopping sites: www.shopbop.com
You might be thinking to yourself...ok so these are brilliant finds but mini's in the fall and winter?  Yes ladies...find yourself an irreverent pair of stockings or knee highs in a deliciously warm wool blend (think black or nude) and pair them with a bright heel with a pop of unexpected color, and accessorize with a punky twist (see the Noir bracelet above) -you'll be well pleased every time you stop to check your reflect' :)